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Berlin-Südkreuz (Station)

Bahnhof Berlin-Südkreuz

Südkreuz is one of Berlin's larger train stations and is one of the stops for trains running north-south through Berlin. All services which pass through the North-South railway tunnel stop here, including intercity services to destinations such as Dresden, Leipzig and the Baltic coast. and beyond. Regional express lines RE3 and RE5 also stop here. It has extensive car-parking facilities.

Südkreuz is also where the North-South S-Bahn crosses the southern side of the Ring line.

Schönefeld Airport access

Südkreuz provides convenient access to Schönefeld Airport via S-Bahn line S45 (currently not in operation) and the commercial SFX1 bus.

When the new Berlin-Brandenburg International airport opens, a new Regional Express line RE9 serving the airport will stop at Südkreuz.

Fare zone

Berlin-Südkreuz is in VBB fare zone A.


The following links take you directly to DB's real-time departures and arrivals timetables for Südkreuz:


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Südkreuz was originally an S-Bahn station named Papestrasse and was opened in 1898. Following the construction of the North-South railway tunnel it was rebuilt as a mainline railway station and fully opened for public service in 2006.

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