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Yorckstraße (Station)

S-und U-Bahnhof Yorckstraße

Yorckstraße is an interchange station linking the S2/S25 branch of the North-South S-Bahn with U-Bahn line U7.

The similarly named but separate Yorckstraße (Großgörschenstraße) station is situated on the S1 branch of the North-South S-Bahn a few hundred metres to the west of the S-Bahn station platforms, and is shown on maps as an interchange with the U7 station, whose platform lies between the two S-Bahn branches, but is not a convenient interchange between S-Bahn lines.


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Yorckstraße (Großgörschenstraße) (Station) (0.3 km), North-South Railway Tunnel (0.7 km), Gleisdreieck (Station) (0.8 km), Bülowstraße (Station) (0.8 km), Kleistpark (Station) (0.8 km), German Museum of Technology (Berlin) (0.8 km), Neues Ufer (0.9 km), Möckernbrücke (Station) (1.0 km), Kurfürstenstraße (Station) (1.1 km)