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The Ringbahn (literally "ring line") is an S-Bahn route in Berlin which runs in a large loop around the city centre. Together with the east-west Stadtbahn and the North-South S-Bahn line, it forms the core of Berlin's S-Bahn network. Topographically it is more of a rectangle with curved corners than a circle.

The Ringbahn is served primarily by the circle lines S41/S42, though some other lines also run over its tracks.

Things to see

From a visitor's point of view, the Ringbahn doesn't offer much in the way of interesting sights, as its course takes it on a loop some way out of the city's central area. It passes mainly through areas dominated by the five-storey apartment blocks typical of Berlin, but a trip around it (which will take something in the region of an hour) will give you a good impression of the city's size, and it's easy enough to hop off at one of the many interchange stations to take an S-Bahn or U-Bahn train back towards the city centre.

Transport fans will find the section between Tempelhof and Hermannstrasse stations provides an interesting view over the former Tempelhof Airport from the south.

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