Maps of Berlin

Printed Maps

Most major travel and map publishers produce Berlin city maps in various shapes and sizes. By far and away the most practical are the clever folding maps from German mapmaker Falk - their patented system makes it easy to use the map like a book, saving both tourist and seasoned Berliner alike from having to deal with a large flapping traditional-style spreadable map.

Visitors should note that Berlin's topography is still in flux, and maps can become quickly outdated. We recommend buying a traditional spread map for planning your trip and picking up a Falk map when you arrive - they're available everywhere.

Online Maps

  • is probably Germany's best provider of online maps. The service is in German only but it's quite easy to use: just enter the address you're looking for in the search boxes at the top. PLZ is the 5 digit postal code (zip code), Ort is the city, and Straße oder Objekt/Ortsteil is the address or area you're looking for.

    Note: as of summer 2006 is trying out a beta version of a new system; the homepage presents you with a choice of the new system on the left and the old system on the right. The new system seems a little tricky to use, so we recommend sticking with the old one for now. has a customized version of the map here.
  •'s map service has recently been expanded to Europe. The user interface is in English and it's very easy to use. However the street map is not 100% accurate and the address search facility for Berlin is still a little hit-and-miss, so you may not alway locate the exact place you're looking for. Despite that the ability to switch between map and satellite views makes it easy to get an idea of what Berlin looks like.

    Click here for a map centred on Berlin.

Map / Simulator Software

3d Berlin If you've ever used Google Earth, you'll like 3D Reality Maps' three dimensional map of Berlin - a software DVD like a flight simulator with photo-realistic scenery which allows you to explore the city and get a feel for how it fits together from the comfort of your own PC. It costs €49.95 and is available in German and English language versions; you'll need a fairly recent PC with Windows 2000 / XP.