English Bookshops in Berlin

As befits a city of its size, Berlin has a good number of book shops and book stores with English-language literature. While you won't find the sheer range available say in London or New York, it's still fairly easy to get hold of books in English - both new and second hand - and many of the bookshops listed below are able to order publications they don't have in stock.

If you're looking for specific titles which aren't on the bestseller list however, it may be easier to order via amazon.de, who are able to source virtually any book and have it sent over usually quite quickly.

Most normal bookstores carry selections of computer books and foreign travel guides in English too. Discerning armchair travelers and ambitious globetrotters will find that travel specialist Schropp Land & Karte will make them very happy campers.

Bookshops specialising in English books

Bookshops with English book sections

Specialist bookstores with English stock

  • Hammett Krimibuchhandlung - specialises in crime / detective novels (Kreuzberg)
  • Lehmanns - academic bookstore near the TU with many specialist titles in English
  • Schropp Land & Karte - Berlin's specialist for travel literature and maps, with many travel guides in English