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Flights and Airlines

EasyJet is one of the many airlines which fly to Berlin With the boom in no-frills airlines, Berlin has never been more accessible by air. However it is pretty much at the periphery of the intercontinental network, and, as of the time of writing, has very few regular flights to major cities outside of Europe.

Intercontinental Flights

Currently the only major destinations outside of Europe with direct connections to and from Berlin are:

  • New York: Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines
  • Qatar (Doha): Qatar Airways
  • Ulan Bator (also written "Ulaanbaatar"): Mongolian Airline
Oasis Hong Kong Airlines is planning to provide flights between Schönefeld and Hong Kong beginning in 2008.

European Flights

Berlin has excellent connections to most destinations within Europe and is served by the major national carriers as well as the no-frills airlines. The cheaper airlines mainly fly to and from Schönefeld, while the national carriers are mostly based at Tegel. One exception is Air Berlin, which offers flights at no-frills prices out of Tegel. Schönefeld is a major hub for EasyJet.

Domestic Flights

Berlin has flights to most domestic destinations in Germany. Germany's largest carrier, Lufthansa, has the most connections, but there are a number of competing airlines mainly flying out of Tegel and Tempelhof.