Famous places and Sights

The Brandenburg Gate and the Wall are perhaps Berlin's most famous sights. And from the Reichstag to the Airlift Memorial, there's a whole lot more on the "classic" tourist trail. Join us on a tour of the must-see-places.

The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin The Brandenburg Gate, once a symbol of Cold War division, is now at the heart of a reunited Berlin.
Reichstag (Bundestag, German Parliament) in Berlin The Reichstag, former talking shop of the old German Empire and unwilling complice in the Nazis' take-over of power, is now the seat of German democracy and for the first time really "for the German people".
Potsdamer Platz Potsdamer Platz, once at the bustling centre of Berlin, has metamorphosed from a barren plot to a glittering entertainment district.
Unter den Linden Unter den Linden is Berlin's premier boulevard, lined with important buildings of state.
The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, seen from the Ku'damm The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, one of Berlin's iconic buildings and a poignant monument to the destructiveness of war.

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