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Out-of-hours shopping

It's Sunday and all you have in the kitchen is half a portion of spaghetti and a decrepit tomato. It's 9pm on a weekday evening and you need baby food? You just got out of work with a long shopping list from your spouse - and realised the shop workers are leaving for the evening too? Fear not: Berlin may not be a 24 hour shopping paradise, but if you know where to look you can find a lot of stuff outside of the usual opening hours (generally 8am or 9am to between 8pm and 10pm Monday to Saturday).


In areas with a high Turkish population such as Kreuzberg, Neukölln, Moabit, Wedding and northern Schöneberg around the Hauptstrasse many smaller stores are open on an ad-hoc basis outside of regular opening hours. In recent years a number of small stores run by Vietnamese or Chinese families have sprung up; these too are open at more useful times, often into the early hours of the morning. You'll need to scour your neighborhood to see what's open when. Note that prices in these shops are usually somewhat higher than in normal stores.

Bakeries (Bäckereien) can open as early as 6am and are generally open on Sunday mornings, or all day if there's a cafe attached. Some bakeries also stock a small selection of essential items such as milk, though this will be more expensive than usual.

Gasoline stations / petrol stations (Tankstellen) often have small shops with a range of essential goods at premium prices. These are somewhat rare in the centre of Berlin though. Some are open 24 hours, but during the night you may have to order what you want through the window.

Video rental shops and internet cafés also stock a small range of items, typically snacks and alchohol at premium prices.


Several stations have proper supermarkets with a full range of products at normal prices:

  • At Zoo Station there is a large branch of the supermarket chain Ullrich, open Mon. - Sat. 9am - 10pm; Sundays and public holidays 11am - 10pm. It's located under the bridge next to Burger King on the Hardenbergstrasse and is not directly accessible from the station itself.
  • Berlin-Ostbahnhof has two supermarkets, located in the basement of the main entrance hall: Lidl (8am - 10pm); REWE (8am - 10pm; formerly MiniMal).
  • Hauptbahnhof has a branch of Kaisers, open Mon. - Sat. until 11pm and Sundays until 10pm. The store is comparatively small.
  • Friedrichstraße (Station) has an Edeka (Mon. - Sat. 6am - 10pm; Sundays and public holidays 8am - 10pm).
  • Innsbrucker Platz (Station): has a branch of Lidl, which open daily including Sundays and public holidays from 8am to 9pm. Located in the underpass near the U-Bahn platform.

Several "normal" supermarkets are now experimenting with late night or even 24hrs opening:

  • Berlin's first "24 hour" supermarket is a branch of Reichelt at Berliner Straße 24, 10715 Berlin (Tel. 030-863 9192-0). Open continuously from 8am on Monday to 11pm on Saturday, not quite 24/7. Closest station: Blissestraße (U7).
  • 23 branches of Kaisers Supermarket now open from 8am until midnight each day except Sunday. The following are branches in the centre of Berlin:
    • Charlottenburg: Bismarckstraße 91, 10625 (near Deutsche Oper (U2))
    • Charlottenburg: Neue Kantstraße 29-30, 14057 Berlin
    • Friedrichshain: Landsberger Allee 68d, 10249 (crossing Landsberger Allee / Warschauer Straße)
    • Friedrichshain: Revaler Straße 2, 10243 Berlin (on the Warschauer Straße near Warschauer Straße Station)
    • Kreuzberg: Yorkstraße 78, 10965 Berlin
    • Kreuzberg: Zossener Straße 28, 10961 (near Gneisenaustraße (U7))
    • Mitte: Annenstraße 4a, 10179 Berlin
    • Neukölln: Hermanstraße 106-107, 12051 Berlin
    • Prenzlauer Berg: Prenzlauer Allee 104, 10409 Berlin
    • Prenzlauer Berg: Schönhauser Allee 130, 10437 (halfway between U-Bahn Schönhauser Allee and Eberswalder Straße stations (U2))
    • Schöneberg: Nollendorfplatz 8-9, 10777 Berlin
    The other branches are in the more suburban districts:
    • Wollankstraße 32-39, 13359 Berlin
    • Rödernallee 118a, 13437 Berlin
    • Straße am Tierpark 68, 10319 Berlin
    • Etkar-Andre-Straße 10, 12619 Berlin
    • Alt-Kaulsdort 64, 12621 Berlin
    • Marzahner Promenade 29/30, 12679 Berlin
    • Pichelsdorfer Straße 110, 13595 Berlin
    • Oberspreestraße 145-149, 12555 Berlin
    • Wendenschlossstraße 306, 12349 Berlin
    • Buckower Damm 50, 12349 Berlin
    • Marienfelder Allee 27, 12277 Berlin
    • Rheinstraße 14, 12159 Berlin

In Prenzlauer Berg's Kastanienallee you'll find Fresh'N'Friends, a sort of not-quite-supermarket-deli kind of place with mainly "bio" produce open around the clock, including Sundays. Kastanienallee 26, 10435 Berlin.

Books and magazines

Many stations, especially interchange stations, have one or more kiosks selling magazine and newspapers. Some may be open beyond 8pm; those on major stations are usually open until 10pm. Some neighborhood newspaper shops / kiosks also open until late.

For books and CDs, the Kulturhaufhaus Dussmann (commonly misspelled Dussman or Dusmanmn) located in the Friedrichstraße is open until midnight each weekday from Monday until Saturday (closed Sundays). Special night openings may take place occasionally.


There is a flower shop open 24 hours a day at Kottbusser Tor.

Tegel Airport has a small supermarket which is open every day of the year.