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Never Never Land "Outback"

The taste of Down Under in Berlin's Schöneberg district: Foster's (a kind of beer, if you didn't know), horsemeat steaks and chocolate-covered locusts (also available on salads). On Mondays there are also live didgeridoo performances, and you can even bring your own if you want.

Note: Australian pub and restaurant Never Never Land is in a slightly remote corner of Schöneberg's Friednau area, nearer to Steglitz than Schöneberg proper.

Never Never Land "Outback"

Cranachstraße 55
12157 Berlin
Tel.: (030) 855 00 99
Fax: (030) 856 05 23 7
Opening hours: Mon. - Fri. 5pm - ?; Sat. 3pm - ?; Sun. 5pm - 11pm

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