The U5 links Alexanderplatz with Hönow on the eastern edge of Berlin.

Construction began in 1927 and was opened as far as Friedrichsfelde in December 1930. Between 1969 and 1973 it was extended as far as Tierpark. During the 1980s it was extended as an overground line as far as Hönow to serve newly constructed housing estates in the east of Berlin.

Currently the U5 is being extended westwards from Alexanderplatz to link up with the U55 at the Brandenburg Gate.

The U5 is a wide-profile line. It was formerly as Line E.


U5 Station Alexanderplatz ( U2 , U8 , S3 , S5 , S7 , S75)
U5 Station Schillingstraße
U5 Station Strausberger Platz
U5 Station Weberwiese
U5 Station Frankfurter Tor
U5 Station Samariterstraße
U5 Station Frankfurter Allee ( S41/42 , S8 , S85, S9 )
U5 Station Magdalenenstraße
U5 Station Berlin-Lichtenberg ( S5, S7, S75 )
U5 Station Friedrichsfelde
U5 Station Tierpark
U5 Station Biesdorf-Süd
U5 Station Elsterwerdaer Platz
U5 Station Wuhletal ( S5 )
U5 Station Kaulsdorf Nord
U5 Station Neue Grottkauer Straße
U5 Station Cottbusser Platz
U5 Station Hellersdorf
U5 Station Louis-Lewin-Straße
U5 Station Hönow