S-Bahn Line S3

The S-Bahn line S3 links Spandau via the Stadtbahn with the small town of Erkner just outside of Berlin on the southeast side of the city. It is the main transport link to Karlshorst, Köpenick and Friedrichshagen.


Trains run at 20 minute intervals from Spandau, and at 10 minute intervals from Berlin-Ostbahnhof to Friedrichshagen, with every second train continuing to Erkner.



The line number "S3" was originally used by the BVG from 1984 after it took over the operation of the S-Bahn in West-Berlin from the East German Reichsbahn for the Stadtbahn line from Friedrichstraße to Wannsee. Following the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reconnection of the east and west networks in 1990, the S3 was extended to Erkner, and in 1992 to Potsdam. Later modifications to S-Bahn routing meant for many years the S3 terminated at Ostbahnhof, although since the re-routing of the S9 it now traverses the Stadtbahn once again.