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Heinrich-Heine-Straße / Prinzenstraße

Grenzübergang Heinrich-Heine-Straße / Prinzenstraße

Route of the Berlin Wall at Heinrich-Heine-Straße near Moritzplatz
The buildings on the left side of the street (Sebastianstaße)
were in East Berlin, and on the right in West Berlin
Heinrich-Heine-Straße / Prinzenstraße is one of the lesser-known the former border crossings between East and West Berlin. There's nothing much to see now though; the concreted area where the control point's buildings were located is now occupied by a second-hand van dealer.

The path of the wall is marked very clearly by the memorial line. To the east of the crossing the wall ran down the middle of the street (see picture) To the west the no-man's land once occupied by the wall is still clearly visible and has not yet been built on.


Closest U-Bahn station is Moritzplatz on the U8 or the M29 bus which stops at Moritzplatz.

Motelone Berlin-Mitte (0.1 km), Moritzplatz (0.2 km), Moritzplatz (Station) (0.2 km), Oranienstraße (0.2 km), Australian Embassy (0.5 km), Heinrich-Heine-Straße (Station) (0.6 km), Nigerian Embassy (0.7 km), Märkisches Museum (Station) (0.8 km), Kottbusser Tor (Station) (0.8 km)