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Märkisches Museum (Station)

U-Bahnhof Märkisches Museum
Märkisches Museum U-Bahn station in Berlin (U2)
U-Bahn station Märkisches Museum in 1913
Märkisches Museum in 1913

Märkisches Museum is a station on Berlin's U-Bahn line U2 located near the Märkisches Museum. It's one of Berlin's more unusual U-Bahn stations: it's much deeper than normal, as the line passes under the River Spree nearby, and has an unusally high, arched roof reminiscent of stations on the Paris Metro. The side walls carry depictions of Berlin's topography as relief models of varying forms: these were added in 1987 / 1988 prior to reunification, so if you look carefully some only show the former East Berlin.


Märkisches Museum was opened on July 1, 1913 as part of the extension of the line between Spittelmarkt and Alexanderplatz. At the time of opening it was called Inselbrücke ("island bridge"), but was renamed in 1935 to carry the name of the nearhy museum.


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