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Oranienstrasse, Berlin
Looking towards Oranienplatz
Oranienstrasse is the street at heart of Kreuzberg's SO36 district, Kreuzberg at its Kreuzbergiest. It's no longer officially cool, which makes it probably a cooler place to be than the official trend zones. Oranienstrasse is actually divided into two parts: west of Moritzplatz in the general direction of Checkpoint Charlie the street passes through an area heavily bombed during the war and which was rebuilt with modern-style housing: unless you're an architecture freak, there's nothing much to see here.

The real action on Oranienstrasse is on the eastern side of Moritzplatz, down towards Oranienplatz and Kottbusser Tor. This section of the street has retained its prewar character and is the busiest shopping street in SO36. Traditionally home to (West) Berlin's left-wing scene, and site of many a violent May Day demonstration,

Note: The Oranienstrasse is often confused with the Oranienburgerstrasse in Mitte.

Clubs, Pubs, Cafes, Bars and Restaurants

While the Oranienstrasse doesn't have much of a reputation for pure gastronomy, it's home to a selection of bars, cafes and clubs.

  • SO36 (Club and event location)
  • Bateau Ivre (French cafe)
  • Rote Harfe (cafe with oriental lounge)
  • Franken (punkrock pub)
  • Zum Elefanten (pub, made famous by the film "Herr Lehmann")
  • Roses Bar (gay-lesbian bar)


How to get to Oranienstrasse: the nearest U-Bahn stations are Moritzplatz (Station) (U8), Kottbusser Tor (Station) (U1, U8) and Görlitzer Bahnhof (Station) (U1). Bus M29 passes along Oranienstrasse.

Moritzplatz (Station) (0.1 km), Moritzplatz (0.1 km), Motelone Berlin-Mitte (0.1 km), Border Crossing Heinrich-Heine-Straße (0.2 km), Prinzenstraße (Station) (0.7 km), Kottbusser Tor (Station) (0.7 km), The Old Emerald Isle (TOEI) (0.7 km), Australian Embassy (0.7 km), SO36 (Club in Kreuzberg's Oranienstrasse) (0.8 km)