The U6 links Alt-Tegel in the north of Berlin to Alt-Mariendorf in the south via Friedrichstrasse in the centre of the former East Berlin.

U6 currently split into two parts

As part of construction work for a new station Unter den Linden, the U6 is closed between Friedrichstraße and Französische Straße until Autumn 2013.

The line is divided into to parts, with trains running between Alt-Tegel and Friedrichstraße on the north side, and Französische Straßeand Alt-Mariendorf on the south side.

U6 line map, 2012-2013

Construction began before the First World War but the line could not be completed due to a lack of material and human resources. Building recommenced in 1919 and the section of line between Hallesches Tor and Zinnowitzer Strasse was opened in 1923. In 1929 the line was extended southwards to Tempelhof. Following the Second World War the line was extended northwards to Alt-Tegel (opened in 1958) and southwards to Alt-Mariendorf (opened in 1966).

The U6 is a wide-profile line. It was formerly known as Line CI/CII. It is 19.9 km long and has 29 stations.

Ghost Line

Along with the U8 and the North-South S-Bahn line, the U6 was one of the so-called "Ghost Lines" which started and ended in West Berlin, but passed under the center of East Berlin without stopping. On the U6, stations from Schwartzkopffstrasse through to Stadtmitte (Station) were "ghost stations" ("Geisterbahnhöfe"), which trains passed through but did not stop at - with the exception of  Friedrichstrasse, which provided access to a major inner-city border crossing as well as unrestricted interchange with the West Berlin S-Bahn lines which also stopped there.


U6 Station Alt-Tegel ( S25 )
U6 Station Borsigwerke
U6 Station Holzhauser Straße
U6 Station Otisstraße
U6 Station Scharnweberstraße
U6 Station Kurt-Schumacher-Platz
U6 Station Afrikanische Straße
U6 Station Rehberge
U6 Station Seestraße
U6 Station Leopoldplatz ( U9 )
U6 Station Wedding ( S41/42)
U6 Station Reinickendorfer Straße
U6 Station Schwartzkopffstraße
U6 Station Naturkundemuseum (formerly Zinnowitzer Straße)
U6 Station Oranienburger Tor
U6 Station Friedrichstraße ( S1, S2, S25, S3, S5, S7, S75)
U6 Station Französische Straße
U6 Station Stadtmitte ( U2 )
U6 Station Kochstraße
U6 Station Hallesches Tor ( U1 )
U6 Station Mehringdamm ( U7 )
U6 Station Platz der Luftbrücke
U6 Station Paradestraße
U6 Station Tempelhof ( S41/42, S45)
U6 Station Alt-Tempelhof
U6 Station Kaiserin-Augusta-Straße
U6 Station Ullsteinstraße
U6 Station Westphalweg
U6 Station Alt-Mariendorf