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Friedrichstraße (Station)

Bahnhof Berlin-Friedrichstraße
Friedrichstraße Station, Berlin

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Friedrichstraße is a major interchange station for S-Bahn, U-Bahn and regional trains in Berlin's eastern city centre.


There is a ticket office (Reisezentrum) where intercity and international tickets can be booked (warning: queues can be long here). A small number of left-luggage lockers (Schließfächer) are available near the ticket office. Toilet facilities (expensive) are located in the basement.

For grocery shopping outside of usual opening hours there is a branch of Edeka (Mon. - Sat. 6am - 10pm; Sundays and public holidays 8am - 10pm); and also Rossmann and several smaller shops.

Click here for a station layout plan / map (PDF, German only; see our guide Berlin Train Stations for a list of station-related vocabulary).

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The following links take you directly to DB's real-time departures and arrivals timetables:


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