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Friedrichstrasse is the main shopping street in the heart of eastern Berlin's city centre. It runs north-south roughly from the intersection with the Oranienburgerstraße, crossing the Spree by Friedrichstraße Station. The main shopping section is from the intersection with Unter den Linden as far as Leipziger Straße. Friedrichstraße continues southwards via Checkpoint Charlie into the Kreuzberg district of the former West Berlin, where it becomes much less busy, before ending close to U-Bahn station Hallesches Tor.


Friedrichstraße Station itself is convenient for the northern section of Friedrichstraße. U-Bahn line U6 runs directly beneath the street, useful stop besides Friedrichstraße Station itself are Französische Straße, Stadtmitte (also U2) and Kochstraße (for Checkpoint Charlie). Bus 100 stops at the intersection with Unter den Linden.