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Flea Market Nordbahnhof (Flohmarkt)

Flohmarkt am Nordbahnhof

Flea Market near Berlin's Nordbahnhof
Flea Market near Nordbahnhof
The Flea market Nordbahnhof is somewhat chaotic flea market on a patch of land formerly occupied by the Berlin Wall - mainly junk. The market is a shadow of its former self, and although it is still mentioned in many guidebooks the nearby Flea Market Arkonaplatz (Flohmarkt) andMauerpark flea markets are far more interesting.

The market is located immediately next to the S-Bahn's Nordbahnhof station - look for the Bernauer Strasse exit. Tram M10 passes by too.

Flea Market Nordbahnhof (Flohmarkt)

Gartenstrasse / Bernauer Strasse
10115 Berlin
Opening hours: Sat., Sun. 10am - 6pm

Nordbahnhof (Station) (0.1 km), Oranienburger Tor (Station) (0.5 km), Naturkundemuseum (Station) (0.5 km), Eastener Hostel Berlin (0.5 km), Village Voice (0.7 km), Bernauer Straße (Station) (0.8 km), Oscar Wilde Irish Pub (0.9 km), Postfuhramt (0.9 km), Oranienburger Straße (Station) (0.9 km)