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Deutsche Oper (Station)

U-Bahnhof Deutsche Oper

Deutsche Oper is a station on Berlin's U-Bahn line U2.

Convenient for

The eponymous Deutsche Oper Berlin, Germany's second largest opera house and also home of the Berlin State Ballet is adjacent to the station.

Fare zone

Deutsche Oper is in VBB fare zone A.


Opened in 1906 as "Bismarckstraße" (not to be confused with the contemporary Bismarckstraße Station a few hundred metres down the road), like many stations it has been renamed several times, becoming "Städtische Oper" in 1929, "Deutsches Opernhaus" in 1934 before changing to "Deutsche Oper" in 1961.

Originally Deutsche Oper was planned as an interchange station, with the main section of the route curving northwards to Richard-Wagner-Platz (formerly Wilhelmplatz) and a branch continuing westwards to Westend (Station). For this reason the station has two island platforms and four tracks. The inner pair of tracks leading towards Richard-Wagner-Platz are however no longer in use as this station became part of the U7 in 1978.


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