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Deutsche Oper Berlin

Deutsche Oper Berlin

The Deutsche Oper (German Opera House) is one of Berlin's world class opera houses. Located in the former West Berlin's Charlottenburg district (the city's other two operas in the historical center found themselves in East Berlin after the construction of the Berlin Wall), it occupies a purpose-built building in the concrete-box style of architecture constructed in 1961.


The Deutsche Oper's website is at


Deutsche Oper is next to the station of the same name on U-Bahn line U2.


Deutsche Oper (Station) (0.2 km), Bismarckstraße (Station) (0.2 km), Wilmersdorfer Arcaden (0.4 km), Tajikistan Embassy (0.5 km), Wilmersdorfer Straße (Station) (0.6 km), Books in Berlin (Bookshop) (0.6 km), Berlin-Charlottenburg (Station) (0.9 km), Ernst-Reuter-Platz (Station) (0.9 km), Nepalese Embassy (1.0 km)