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Bundestag (Station)

U-Bahnhof Bundestag

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"Bundestag" is a station on the Berlin U-Bahn line U55 and was opened in 2009.

The station was originally to be named "Reichstag" after the nearby Reichstag building. The name "Bundestag" - referring to the German federal parliament, which has its seat in the Reichstag - was felt to be more appropriate, because the station is not very close to the Reichstag building itself, although it is convenient for many buildings associated with the Bundestag.

Fare Zone

Bundestag station is in VBB fare zone A.

Route information

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Reichstag (0.2 km), Federal Chancellery building (0.2 km), Swiss Embassy in Berlin (0.2 km), Capital Beach (0.4 km), Bundespressestrand (0.4 km), Platz des 18. März (0.5 km), Brandenburg Gate (0.5 km), French Embassy in Berlin (0.5 km), Pariser Platz (0.5 km)