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East of Eden (Bookshop)

East of Eden, to be found in Friedrichshain (itself more East of Alexanderplatz than of Eden), is an independent second hand book shop with piles of books and some second-hand sofas to read them on. They also do various literary-related events - check their website's events page to see if anything is coming up.

If you're unable to find locate a book in the store itself, check out their online catalogue.

East of Eden (Bookshop)

Schreinerstraße 10
10247 Berlin
Tel.: (030) 423 93 62
Opening hours: Mon. - Fri 12pm - 7pm; Sat. 12pm - 4pm

Samariterstraße (Station) (0.3 km), Salamas Bar (0.5 km), Berlinomat (0.6 km), Frankfurter Tor (Station) (0.7 km), Ring-Center (0.8 km), Frankfurter Allee (Station) (0.8 km), Magdalenenstraße (Station) (1.5 km), Weberwiese (Station) (1.5 km), Generator Hostel Berlin (1.5 km)