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Monday, September 10, 2007

New S21 route to be delayed... again

The last "missing piece" in Berlin's central public transport network is a section of S-Bahn line running north-south which would connect the Ringbahn to the Berlin-Hauptbahnhof, which is currently only served by the Stadtbahn and a few buses. This line, known as the S21, was meant to be part of the same packaged of construction measures which brought the Hauptbahnhof and the much delayed U55, but problems with financing mean it's been put back several times.

Construction for the easiet section of the S21 - a short spur from the northern section of the Ringbahn to Hauptbahnhof - was due to start this autumn. Building work has now been put off indefinitely. However, it does look like the Deutsche Bahn and the Berlin government are working together to finance a plan which would get the next section of the line - from Berlin-Hauptbahnhof to Potsdamer Platz built at the same time - whenever that might be.

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