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Grand Hotel Esplanade

Grand Hotel Esplanade

Lützowufer 15, 10785 Berlin| Tel.: (030) 25478 0 Fax: (030) 25478 8222| ARRAY(0x560ee85587c8)

The Grand Hotel Esplanade is one of Berlin's finest hotels situated by the side of the tree-lined Landwehr Canal a short walk from the Tiergarten and close to the Tiergarten's embassy quarter. It's also convenient for the West Berlin city center around Kurfürstendamm, while Potsdamer Platz is a pleasant stroll along the canal.

The hotel itself is an experience to be enjoyed: the entrance is adorned with a waterfall and a small galaxy of overhead lights, while the lobby is a vision of grandeur decorated with works of art.

Non-smoking rooms are available.

Nearby attractions

Bauhaus-Archiv (Bauhaus museum), Harry's New York Bar.

Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (0.3 km), Venezuelan Embassy (0.3 km), Finnish Embassy (0.4 km), Estonian Embassy (0.4 km), Swedish Embassy (0.5 km), Danish Embassy (0.5 km), Icelandic Embassy (0.5 km), Norwegian Embassy (0.5 km), Japanese Embassy (0.5 km)