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Another Country (Bookshop)

You'll find Another Country not far from western Kreuzberg's Bergmanstraße. It's more than just a second-hand English bookstore though: they have around 20,000 used books which are for sale, but if you find you're running out of shelf space they'll take your purchases back and refund the purchase price - minus a €1.50 fee per book. Almost a sort of library, and with some nice chairs to sit and browse in.

Reading isn't the only activity on the menu: Another Country runs all kind of events, including an English film club, a TV night and a dinner night. Check out the (slightly chaotic-looking) blog, particularly the events section for current information.

Another Country (Bookshop)

Riemannstraße 7
10961 Berlin
Tel.: (030) 6940 1160
Opening hours: Mon. - Fri. 11am - 8pm; Sat. 11am - 4pm

Barcomi's - Kaffeerösterei & Deli (0.1 km), Tienda Latina Café (0.2 km), Hammett Krimibuchhandlung (0.3 km), Der 7. Tibeter (0.3 km), Mehringdamm (Station) (0.5 km), Platz der Luftbrücke (Station) (0.8 km), Hallesches Tor (Station) (0.8 km), Tempelhof Airport (0.9 km), Möckernbrücke (Station) (1.2 km)