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Berlin Station

There's no one place called "Berlin Station". Berlin has many stations, a result of development during the 19th century, when many different private railway lines built their terminal stations around the then Berlin city limits.

Until recently railway traffic in Germany's capital was routed through various large Berlin stations, none of which was large or central enough to earn the title of the Berlin station. Probably the most famous station was Zoo Station in the west of the city, but this only has three platforms.

Since 2006 however, Berlin has been "blessed" with a new station, which could be called "Berlin Station" I suppose; its real name is of course Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Berlin Main Station). It's the city's first truly main station, sitting on the intersection of the East-West Stadtbahn and the newer North-South Railway Tunnel.

Note that during the GDR era, the station now called Ostbahnhof was called "Hauptbahnhof", as it was the largest station in the then East Berlin.

So: if you're looking for the "Berlin Station", go to the new Berlin-Hauptbahnhof!