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Kiki Blofeld

A place to hang out on the Kreuzberg side of the Spree. You won't find the usual "cool" beach bar activities here - sports are restricted to a slightly wonky billiards table, and the usual salsa music is not played here. With regular events of various kinds, but otherwise just a nice place to be. The Penguin's personal favourite.

From May 12 (opening at 4pm). Daily from noon.

Kiki Blofeld

Köpenicker Straße (around number 48/49)
Opening hours: 12am - ?

Nearby places : YAAM (0.1 km), Bar25 (0.2 km), Berlin-Ostbahnhof (0.5 km), Antikmarkt Berlin-Ostbahnhof (0.7 km), Heinrich-Heine-Straße (Station) (0.7 km), Turkish Embassy (0.8 km), Jannowitzbrücke (Station) (0.8 km), Oststrand (0.9 km), Bear Pit (Bärenzwinger) (0.9 km)