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Thursday, June 23, 2011

U2 closed between Gleisdreieck and Wittenbergplatz

Berlin's U-bahn line U2, parts of which are among the oldest on the U-Bahn network, is currently undergoing extensive reconstruction and the section of line between Gleisdreieck and Wittenbergplatz will be closed from June 24th until November 10th 2011.

Additionally, the western section of the U2 from Wittenbergplatz to Olympiastadion will be combined with the eastern section of the U1 as the U12, while the U1 will be scaled back to run between Wittenbergplatz and Uhlandstraße.

Not that Bülowstraße will be closed during this period. Bülowstraße is within easy walking distance of Kurfürstenstraße and is also served by bus M48.

(Fans of Berlin's transport history might be interested to know that this configuration of the Kleinprofil network resembles the situation before the reunification of the West and East Berlin halves of the U2 in 1993, except the line numbers have been shuffled around, and of course the U2 was not operational at all between Mohrenstraße and Gleisdreieck).

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