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Friday, September 7, 2007

Hauptbahnhof to get roof extension?

It's one of Berlin's never ending debates: should the Berlin-Hauptbahnhof get a roof extension? Due to the inevitable delays to the construction the North-South Railway Tunnell, about a quarter of the station's steel-and-glass roof structure were left off so the station could be opened in time for the World Cup in 2006, which means passengers (particularly first class passengers) boarding trains at either end of the above-ground platforms are exposed to the elements, and the station as a whole isn't as impressive as it might be.

Now the Federal Transport Ministry is considering whether it would be practical to add the rest of the roof (the specially made steel girders are still lying around in store under the viaduct at Ostbahnhof). Deutsche Bahn says it's too difficult and costly, and would mean interrupting train services on the Stadtbahn, but other experts claim the project is feasible.

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