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Olympia-Stadion (Station)

Entrance to Olympia-Stadion U-Bahn station
Station entrance
Olympia-Stadion station, viewed from above
Platforms viewed from above
Betriebsstätte Grunewald (Berlin)
Part of the nearby depot

Olympia-Stadion (Olympic Stadium) is a station on Berlin's U-Bahn line U2. As its name implies, it is close to the Olympiastadion, and is also home to the Berlin U-Bahn Museum. The BVG's main U-Bahn depot, Betriebswerkstatt Grunewald, is adjacent to the station.

Fare Zone

Olympia-Stadion is in VBB fare zone B.

Convenient for

Olympiastadion; U-Bahn Museum.


Olympia-Stadion was opened on June 8, 1913 as the provisional western terminus of the U2. The opening date was chosen to coincide with the opening of the nearby Deutscher Stadion, the forerunner to the current Olympiastadion. However, regular services did not begin until 1922, when the neigbouring Neu-Westend was opened.

In 1929 Berlin became one of the candidates for the 1936 Olympic Games, and as part of the preparations it was remodelled by architect Alfred Grenander. The current brick-built entrance building in 1920s style was constructed, and an additional platform was added to cater for additional passenger traffic.

Like many of Berlin's stations, Olympia-Stadion has been renamed several times. Initially named just Stadion, it was renamed to Reichssportfeld in 1935, and gained its current name in 1950. Between 1992 and 1999 it became Olympia-Stadion (Ost), ostensibly to avoid confusion with the similarly-named S-Bahn station Olympiastadion, which is located on the western side of the Olympic Stadium. However, despite the difference being a matter of hyphenation, the name reverted back to Olympia-Stadion in 1999.


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