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Schönhauser Allee

Schönhauser Allee - Map
Schoenhauser Allee map
Schönhauser Allee is Prenzlauer Berg's main shopping area and Berlin's fifth busiest shopping street. One of Berlin's main radial arteries (it's also Federal Highway - Bundesstraße 96a), it stretches from the Torstrasse as far as the crossing with Bornholmer Straße / Wisbyer Straße. The busiest section is from the intersection with the Danziger Straße at U-Bahn station Eberswalder Straße (Station) until the next station outwards, Schönhauser Allee (Station). There's also a number of smaller shops and entertainment venues between Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz (Station) and Senefelderplatz (Station) nearer the city center.


The main retail "attraction" is the Schönhauser Allee Arcaden, a medium-sized indoor shopping centre / mall located directly besides (and partially above) Schönhauser Allee station.


U-Bahn line U2 runs along the entire length of the Schönhauser Allee, while the S-Bahn ring line (S41/S42) crosses at Schönhauser Allee (Station) station. Tram M1 runs from Eberswalder Straße (Station) to Pankow (Station), while trams M10 and 12 cross at Eberswalder Straße (Station).