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Sunday, August 29, 2010

S-Bahn services still disrupted

It looks like the S-Bahn will still be suffering from restricted service for a while yet. A series of technical problems with its newest trains introduced over the last decade has resulted in severely limited availability, and the original schedule for returning to normal service in December 2010 will now no longer be met. It will probably be towards the end of 2011 when all trains can be restored to full working order - the S-Bahn is awaiting delivery of new sets of axles and wheels to replace the current ones, which are prone to cracking.

Service is currently restricted on the following lines:

  • S25 Teltow_(Station) - Potsdamer Platz Service every 20 minutes
  • S45 Schönefeld Airport - Bundesplatz No service (all stations on route served by other lines)
  • S85 Grünau - Waidmannslust No service (all stations on route served by other lines)

On other lines trains will be operating with four instead of the usual 6 or 8 cars.

The latest U-Bahn and S-Bahn network plan is available for download here (PDF).

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