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The Schoppenstube markets itself as "Berlin's oldest gay bar". Whether or not that's the case, it's certainly an East Berlin institution: originally opened in 1923 as a normal pub / bar, it metamorphosed into a gay-only venue from around 1963 onwards (even though it was run by the GDR state restaurant company) and became one of the city's few late-night venues.

Unlike other "traditional" GDR gay bars, the Schoppenstube has survived the turbulent post-reunification years and is popular with a wide and mixed variety of guests. Though its (post-reunification) darkroom is no more, a small dance area is there for those seeking close contact.


How to get to Schoppenstube: U-Bahn stationEberswalder Straße is within short walking distance.


Schönhauser Allee 44
10435 Berlin
Tel.: (030) 442 8204
Opening hours: From 10pm