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Zauberkönig Scherz- und Zauberartikelladen

Zauberkönig joke and magic supplies shop Zauberkönig: products in show window Need some plastic vomit? Fake doggy-do? Booby muffers? Chilli-flavored Gummibärchen? Worm pills which turn themselves into remarkably lifelike worms when put into water? Or just a classic whoopee cushion? If so, Zauberkönig in Neukölln's Hermanstrasse is just the place. The joke and magic goods shop - surrounded by cemeteries on both sides - is Berlin's oldest purveyor of joke articles and magician supplies, many of which appear to be imports from English-speaking countries. The store, which traces its roots back to a shop established in 1884 in the Friedrichstrasse, is a family-run business currently in the hands of Mona Krause, who took over from father Günter Klepke in 1997. Since the influx of people from the Rheinland after reunification they also sell Fasching costumes.


Hermanstrasse 84
12051 Berlin
Tel.: (030) 621 4082
Opening hours: Mon. - Thu. 1pm - 6pm; Fri. 10am - 6pm; Sat. 10am - 1pm

Hermannstraße (Station) (0.5 km), Neukölln (Station) (0.9 km), Sonnenallee (Station) (1.8 km), Dunmore Cave (2.1 km), Belarus Embassy (2.9 km), Tempelhof (Station) (2.9 km), Crêperie Bretonne (2.9 km), Hammett Krimibuchhandlung (3.0 km), Tempelhof Airport (3.0 km)