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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Schönefeld - IFA by helicopter

Schönefeld Airport's main attraction is its role as a low-cost airlines hub. Unfortunately it's also a fair slog from the city centre, as anyone flying in for one of Berlin's frequent exhibitions and shows such as the IFA soon finds out.

So for anyone not willing to navigate the (actually quite good) train system, or risk a conversation with one of Berlin's many friendly taxi drivers, or is just in a hurry, Germanwings is testing a helicopter shuttle service from the airport to the Messegelände, with a flight time of just 5 (yes, five) minutes. Prices begin from €29, which compares well to the price of a taxi.

If successful, the shuttle service will be continued for other major exhibitions.

If you've arrived here looking for a route from Schönefeld Airport to the IFA exhibition and don't want to afford a helicopter: take the S9 S-Bahn train direct to Westkreuz or Messe Süd.

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