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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Public transport prices to rise slightly in 2007

Every 18 months or so there are a few weeks of controversy as the politicians and the various public transport companies (BVG, S-Bahn, Deutsche Bahn and every little bus company in the state of Brandenburg) battle it out with one another to see who can get the best deal: the transport companies always want more money, of course, while the politicians want to keep the inevitable fare rises (there are rarely fare reductions) as low as possible.

This time round the politicians seem to have won and the new fare prices, to come into effect in April 2007, are barely changed from the existing ones. A standard 2-hour ticket for zones A/B (i.e. within the Berlin city limits) will remain at €2.10, while a monthly ticket will rise from €67 to  €70. If bought annually, the price will not change however.

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