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Monday, April 2, 2007

Public Transport Fare Rises

Yes, it's that time of the year again when the BVG and S-Bahn decide to reach that little bit deeper into your pockets. First, the good news: fares aren't rising that much. The most popular ticket, the 2 hour one for zones A and B (i.e. all of Berlin) remains stable at €2.10, while the same ticket for zones A, B and C rises from €2.60 to €2.70. The excellent value-for-money (at least in comparision to other major European capitals) monthly ticket goes up from €67 to €70, but remains the same price for yearly subscribers.

An important change for bicycle owners: there's a new group of tickets for bicycles; these replace the previous system, whereby an additional ticket at the normal reduced fare (Ermäßigungstarif) was required for each bike.

Overview of the most important changes (rises highlighted in red):

Ticket type old fare new fare
Short journey ticket (ABC)
(Kurzstrecke normal)
Single ticket (AB)
(Einzelfahrausweis normal)
€2,10 €2,10
Day ticket (AB)
(Tageskarte normal)
€5,80 €6,10
7 day ticket (AB)
€25,40 €25,40
Monthly ticket (AB), individual purchase €67,00 €70,00
Monthly ticket (AB), with annual subscription
Single ticket for bicycle (AB)
(Einzelfahrausweis Fahrrad)
- €1,50

A detailed list of fares (with old and new prices, German only) can be downloaded from the BVG here (PDF).

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