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2007-03-01 08:54:00

Taxi fares to rise

From March 7th, travel by taxi in Berlin will become more expensive - but it's the first fare increase since 2001, and has been long overdue - operating costs, especially fuel prices, have risen massively in the intervening period. On average fares will rise by around 7-10%.

The basic price will go up from €2.50 to €3; the kilometre price for the first 7 kilometres rises from €1.53 to €1.58, and for every further km from €1.02 to €1.20. The "short trip" fare (Kurzstreckentarif - for trips of up to 2km when the taxi is flagged down on the street) goes up to €3.50 from €3.

Oddly enough it's the taxi operators themselves who have been against fare increases in previous years - mainly because they feared further reductions in passenger numbers.

The Berlin taxi market is traditionally very competitive - around 14,000 taxi drivers and 7,000 taxis fight for business in one of Germany's less lucrative markets. 

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