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Friday, August 18, 2006

Berlin-Splitter (3)

Friday again: time for some more useless Berlin information.

Some good news for the local aviation industry: in May Berlin's three airports have between them processed more than 20,000 flights with around 1.7 million passengers: a record.

The U55, one of those Berlin transport projects which goes on and on while consuming vast amounts of public cash, will open towards the end of 2007, according to the BVG. Originally it was supposed to open in 2006 in time for the World Cup, but problems with Berlin's notorious subterranean sand put the schedule back again and again.

Talking of the BVG, they've announced they'll be cutting back on the number of plain clothes ticket inspectors, because they've been so successful in reducing the number of Schwarzfahrer (ticket dodgers). Whether this will prove a good idea remains to be seen, because it thereby reduces the chances of being caught - a bit of a foxes and rabbits scenario.

And talking of being caught, the state of Brandenburg, which surrounds Berlin, has just announced it has finally set a binding legal limit for cannabis / marijuana possession, viz 6 grams for personal use. This contrasts with Berlin's 150% more liberal 15 grams, so watch out if you're planning a day trip into the surrounding countryside. (And don't quote me on the exact figures, I'm just reporting what other people tell me).

The underground car park beneath the Bebelplatz has installed a machine to help you with drug limits of a different nature: a coin-operated breathalyser. For one Euro it will tell you whether you're fit to drive (although the operators stress that the result is only advisory and will not be of any use when debating the matter with the Polizei).

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