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Monday, April 2, 2007

Easter Holidays 2007

A word of warning: the Easter Bunny's out and about, which in Germany means a big weekend of public holidays: Friday (April 6), Sunday (April 8) and Monday (April 9) are gesetzliche Feiertage (official holidays), which means all the shops etc. which are not open on Sundays will be closed on Friday and Monday too. Saturday (April 7) is a normal shopping day however, although experience suggests you might like to get your essential shopping done early to beat the inevitable rush.

Due to a freak bureaucratic cock-up in the new shop opening hours law however, if a public holiday falls on a Sunday, flea markets etc. will not be allowed to take place.

Shops. etc.Flea markets etc.
Friday, April 6 closed closed
Saturday, April 7
open open
Sunday, April 8
Monday, April 9 closedopen

Note that individual flea-markets may not be operating on Easter Monday.

For general information on public holidays in Berlin, see Public Holidays in Berlin in 2007. For more information on shops and stores operating outside of normal opening hours, see Out-of-hours shopping.

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