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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Rock'n'Roll Hotel

One thing Berlin is not short of is hotels: and most of them are pretty boring. Or worse: expensive and boring. So it was nice to hear about the Rock'n'Roll Herberge: a small establishment with just eight rooms, located at the heart of Kreuzberg's SO36. As the name implies: rock'n'roll is the hotel's theme. The facade is graced by Austrian rocker Falco, Joe Strummer from the Clash and AC/DC's Bon Scott. Each room is decorated individually, with eclectic styles including a 1970's interior, a Zen room with an "Asian" look, and one room has a jumping guitarrist. Note that not all rooms have their own bathrooms: one exception is the Honeymoon Suite, which has its own shower and also a decor for which the words "red" and "blood" were an important inspiration.

Rock'n'Roll's target audience is - wait for it - bands on tour. Partly for that reason they've build their own "indestructible" beds. The neighbours have been assured that all windows are soundproof. Prices are aimed at a clientel who couldn't afford to throw too much equipment into the hotel's swimming pool even if it had one - a single room with shared bathroom is just €25 a night.


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