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Grunewald (Station)

Grunewald S-Bahn Station entrance
Grunewald Station's entrance building
Berlin-Grunewald is an S-Bahn station in the west of Berlin, located between the Grunewald forest park and the Grunewald area of Wilmersdorf.

Opened in 1879, it currently has two platforms with four tracks. It serves mainly as an ending point for some trains which run over the Stadtbahn; although marked on maps as only being served by the S7, some S5 trains start and terminate here.

To the northeast of the S-Bahn station, towards Westkreuz, there is a DB (Deutsche Bahn) depot (Betriebsbahnhof Grunewald), which is mainly used to stable regional express trains and coach rakes for trains to destinations in Poland and Russia.

Convenient for

The northern section of the Grunewald

Fare zone

Berlin-Grunewald is in VBB fare zone B.

Lines and Adjacent Stations

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