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World Time Clock


World Time Clock (Weltzeituhr) on Alexanderplatz, Berlin The World Time Clock is one of the Alexanderplatz's most well-known features. It was constructed in 1969 as part of the square's redevelopment and has become a popular meeting point.

Weighing 16 tonnes and 10 metres tall, it features a revolving cylinder with the world's 24 time zones bearing the names of major cities in each zone. The mechanism constructed in a way which enables the current time in each zone to be read.

The clock is topped by a simplified model of the solar system, which revolves once a minute.

Alexanderplatz (Station) (0.1 km), Alexanderplatz (0.1 km), Alexa (0.2 km), Hotel Park Inn (0.2 km), Television Tower (0.2 km), Thalia (Alexa) (0.2 km), LOXX Modelleisenbahn Berlin (0.3 km), Rotes Rathaus (Red City Hall) (0.4 km), Klosterstra├če (Station) (0.5 km)