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Olivaer Platz

Olivaer Platz

Olivaer Platz is a small square in Berlin situated on the Kurfürstendamm's intersection with the Lietzenburger Straße. It marks the end of the Kurfürstendamm as a shopping street; Kurfürstendamm continues for a short distance westwards but becomes an increasingly normal radial traffic artery.

The square is generally dominated by architecture in the style of the 1960's, although older buildings line the Kurfürstendamm's north side.


The name "Olivaer Platz" derives from the Oliva Monastery in the former East Prussia, now part of Poland.


Occassionaly "Olivaer Platz" is misspelled as "Olivaerplatz", "Olivier Platz" or "Olivierplatz".

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