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Victory Column


Victory Column - Siegessäule
The Victory Column is a monumental structure located in the middle of Berlin's Tiergarten, constructed between 1871 and 1873 to celebrate Germany's victory over France in the 1870/71 Franco-Prussian War.

The column is 66 metres tall and is crowned by a bronze statue of the goddess Victoria.

Originally the column was placed directly in front of the Reichstag and was moved by the Nazi government in 1939 to its current location as part of their plans to extensively redevelop the centre of Berlin. At the same time the column was heightened by about 7.5 metres.

Renovation Work

Extensive renovation work will be carried out on the Siegessäule, beginning in 2008 and lasting for about a year.


The Siegessäule is open to the public; visitors can climb the 285 steps to a viewing platform at the top (no facilities for disabled visitors). There's an entrance fee of €2.20 (€1.50 reduced). The Siegessäule is located at the centre of a major roundabout, pedestrian access available is via four tunnels spaced around this; don't try to cross the five-lane roundabout around its base unless you wish to cut short your time in Berlin.

There's a small café (present your entry ticket for an €0.50 rebate on drinks), a shop selling souvenirs, and a small exhibition connecting the column with the events in German history which it represents.

How to get to the Siegessäule: Bus 100 passes by the Siegessäule. S-Bahn stations Tiergarten (Station) and Bellevue (Station) are within strolling distance.

Victory Column (Siegessäule) in its original location in front of the Reichstag
Victory Column in its original location in front of the Reichstag

Victory Column (Siegessäule)

Opening hours: Winter: Mon. - Fri. 10am - 5pm; Sat. - Sun. 10am - 5.30pm; Summer: Mon. - Fri. 9.30am - 5.30pm; Sat. - Sun. 10am - 7pm

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