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LOXX Modelleisenbahn Berlin

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Have you always dreamed of owning your own giant model railway set? Or is the real Berlin too big for you? Then LOXX is the place to go - 2,500 square metres of H0 scale model railway scenery in the centre of Berlin. It markets itself as the world's "largest digital model railway (PHS)" (whatever that means) and boasts 4.15km (about 3 miles) of track, more than 400 trains, 10,000 road vehicles and a population of 50,000 human figures. "Night" falls every 20 minutes and the layout is illuminated by over 18,000 miniture lights.

LOXX - the name's a variation on the German word Loks (locomotives) has been open since 2004 - until earlier this summer in the basement of a building in the Meineckstraße near Breitscheidplatz in western Berlin (long-time Berliners may remember it as the location of the short-lived fnac store). Over summer 2007 they moved to larger quarters in the new Alexa shopping mall just off the Alexanderplatz and reopened in September with an even better layout.

The following YouTube video gives a (slightly blurry) impression of LOXX in action:


How to get to LOXX Berlin

LOXX is located towards the "rear" of the Alexa centre (going away from Alexanderplatz towards Jannowitzbrücke) in the 4th storey near the Kindercity. Note that it is only open until 7pm, while the shops in Alexa are currently open until 10pm.

Note: the English version of the LOXX webpage (see below) may contain outdated information! Particularly the opening hours are as stated here.

LOXX Modelleisenbahn Berlin

Grunerstraße 20
10179 Berlin
Tel.: (030) 44 72 30 22
Fax: (030) 44 72 30 49
Opening hours: 10am - 7pm

Nearby places : Thalia (Alexa) (0.1 km), Alexa (0.1 km), World Time Clock (Weltzeituhr) (0.3 km), Klosterstraße (Station) (0.3 km), Alexanderplatz (Station) (0.3 km), Alexanderplatz (0.3 km), Television Tower (0.4 km), Rotes Rathaus (Red City Hall) (0.5 km), Schillingstraße (Station) (0.5 km)