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Kulturkaufhaus Dussmann

Berlin's largest general bookstore, the Kulturkaufhaus Dussmann ("Culture Department Store Dussmann", usually just called Dussmann) in the Friedrichstraße has a fairly large selection of English and other foreign language paperbacks (and a few bestsellers in hardback) on the third floor. Its travel and computer sections on the same floor also have a good selection of publications English. Dussmann also has DVDs and a large music department.

Note: the shop's website is in German only and is not very useful.
Kulturkaufhaus Dussmann

Friedrichstraße 90
10117 Berlin
Tel.: (030) 2025 1111
Fax: (030) 2025 2445
Opening hours: Mon. - Sat. 10am - midnight

Romanian Embassy (0.2 km), The Embassy of the United States of America (0.2 km), Friedrichstraße (Station) (0.2 km), Berlin Story (0.2 km), Hugendubel (Friedrichstraße) (0.3 km), Hotel Melia Berlin (0.4 km), Französische Straße (Station) (0.4 km), Russian Embassy (0.4 km), Hungarian Embassy (0.5 km)