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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

BBC World disappears from DVB-T

If you receive your TV in Berlin via digital terrestrial broadcasts (DVB-T), you'll have noticed (like I did just now) that the BBC World television channel is no longer available. This is apparently a decision taken by the BBC and means no English-language channel is available via free-to-air TV in Berlin and Brandenburg anymore.

The channel will be replaced by a home shopping channel (HSE 24) and something called "Mona TV".

The broadcasting authority MABB has a very short announcement on its site.

BBC World is still available via cable. For more details on how to receive BBC World TV in Berlin, see the BBC page How To Receive.

BBC World Service radio is unaffected by this and is as always available on normal FM radio in Berlin.

Update: just received this reply from BBC World:

Hello and thank you for your email.

We're sorry that you're no longer able to watch BBC World on digital
terrestrial television (DTT) in the Berlin/Brandenburg region, as our
carriage on this service has now ended.

BBC World is widely available in Berlin/Brandenburg on both analogue
and digital cable (via KDG) and on free-to-air digital DTH satellite
via Eutelsat HotBird 6 and Astra 1G. Please contact your local cable
provider for more information on their service, or let us know if
you'd like the transmission details for receiving BBC World via
free-to-air satellite.

BBC World, as a commercially operated channel, has to make best use
of its limited resources, and in terms of distribution of the channel,
the Berlin area is already well covered by cable and satellite.

Thank you for your support and for taking the time to write to us -
we do hope you'll be able to continue enjoying BBC World in the future.

With regards
Paul Coleman
BBC World

Posted at 7:21 PM in

oh terrible, terrible blows of fate! do you have Paul Coleman's email address so i can protesteth?

Posted by: William Thirteen | 2007-03-09 11:03
I submitted my complaint here:

The reply was commendably prompt, the email address was:
Posted by: Ian | 2007-03-09 11:07
yeah, i got the same type of 'thanks for your concern - too bad for you' reply....sigh...
Posted by: William Thirteen | 2007-03-09 16:36
thanks for the GREAT post! Very useful...
Posted by: Whatever-ishere | 2007-11-21 19:23
Hey, is there anyone out there who can explain this to me in layman's terms. I checked the site for how to get BBC world since it's pull out from DVBT in Berlin. Is there a way to still receive it through the box, via satellite, if the house/apartment block has a satellite on the roof? I really cant deal with no world view in news...
Posted by: i dont get it | 2008-01-12 14:13