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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Siebenschläfertag - June 27th

Today - June 27th - is an important day in Germany if you want to know what the summer's going to be like. At least according to agricultural tradition, which holds that the weather on June 27th - Siebenschläfertag - will determine the general meteorological trend for July and August.

There are several rhymes of weather lore to go along with Siebenschläfertag, such as:

  • Das Wetter am Siebenschläfertag sieben Wochen bleiben mag
  • Wie's Wetter am Siebenschläfertag, so der Juli werden mag
  • Wenn die Siebenschläfer Regen kochen, dann regnet’s ganze sieben Wochen

The rhyme doesn't owe its name - as commonly thought - to the Siebenschläfer, a kind of dormouse, but to an ancient legend, the "Seven Sleepers of Ephesus", a Christian legend dating from around the 6th century.

Statistically the weather on Siebenschläfertag has a 60-70% likelihood of being predictive in southern Germany, but very rarely holds true for northern Germany.

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