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Westkreuz (Station)

Westkreuz (literally West Cross) is an interchange S-Bahn station on the western side of the S-Bahn's ring line where it intersects the Stadtbahn cross-city line.

The ring line also has an Ostkreuz and a Südkreuz.

Fare Zone

Westkreuz is in VBB fare zone A. 

Lines and Adjacent Stations 

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Funkturm (0.7 km), Ibis Berlin Messe (0.8 km), Messe Nord / ICC (Witzleben) (0.8 km), Messe Berlin (Exhibition Centre) (0.9 km), Messe Süd (Station) (0.9 km), Irish Inn (1.0 km), Sudanese Embassy (1.2 km), Turkmenistan Embassy (1.2 km), Berlin-Charlottenburg (Station) (1.4 km)